Siraj Sabihuddin

Imagen de Siraj Sabihuddin

Over 15 years of experience

Dr. Siraj Sabihuddin has expertise in projects in energy storage, smart grids, electrical generation and related energy management systems (EMS). His areas of proficiency also extend to renewable energy generation technologies, electrical machines, cellular / non-cellular IoT technologies and related cloud infrastructure for smart grids. Holding a Doctorate in Engineering with speciality in Electrical Machines and Energy Storage Systems from the University of Edinburgh, Siraj has made significant contributions across 3 continents.

From lead engineer to product manager

Siraj has worked on projects from solar desalination solutions using PVT and PV systems to solar microgrids for electric vehicle charging. He has worked with grid scale batteries to deliver power quality control to grids with high renewable penetration. He has been responsible for edge to cloud energy management system of virtual power plants (VPPs). He has worked with renewable resource assessment and related data analytics to provide actionable intel on real production and economics in plant project planning.

Solar powered IoT devices and RF communications infrastructure

Siraj has supported product solutions for solar powered IoT devices and RF communications infrastructure in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and for monitoring and asset management in factories and grid infrastructure alike. This work has extended to data analytics of international power systems to novel energy storage technologies and logistics solutions as well. With a background that extends into computer vision and related mechatronic & electromagnetic systems he can deliver solutions in energy systems and electric vehicle technologies that break through and cross field boundaries.