Suspro undertakes the following steps to carry out a comprehensive solar PV energy assessment:

1.Site Solar Resource. Suspro assesses the solar resource at the site through the analysis of:

  • Data measured at the site
  • Data available from weather stations located at the vicinities of the site
  • Other databases and satellite generated data
  • Analysis of sun obstructions at the site caused by the horizon and nearby objec

2.Solar PV farm design. Suspro optimises the design parameters of the solar PV farm:

  • Type and layout of PV modules
  • Electric connection of PV modules and inverter configuration
Solar PV Energy Assessment
Solar PV Energy Assessment

3.Energy Assessment. Suspro uses the state-of-the-art software in solar PV to accurately predict the energy yield and performance of the solar PV farm during the lifetime of the project.
4.Uncertainty Analysis. Suspro takes into account the different elements involved in the performance of the solar PV farm to estimate the uncertainty of the project and provide the P50, P60, P75 and P90 for the net energy output.
5.Reporting. Suspro delivers a detailed technical report with a summary of the weather data analysed and employed, the technical parameters of the solar PV plant and the figures of energy output predicted and the associated uncertainty.