Network Analyzer: The network analyzer can measure and record the main electrical parameters of industrial three-phase systems (currents, voltages, active and reactive power and harmonics).




Camara termografica M3b
Infrared Camera:
This camera measures the temperature at the surface of the objects. This device can detect overloaded sections of the electrical grid and locate faults in the design of the electrical installation.




Pinza amperimetrica



Ammeter Clamp: The ammeter clamp is used to measure currents in low voltage.



Tachometer: This device measures the angular velocity of a motor.



Luxmeter: The luxmeter measures light levels at the workplace.





Camara termografica flyr
Infrared Camera:
The infrared camera is used to obtain a thermal image of buildings and industrial processes. This helps to locate the points of greatest heat loss.



Analizador de combustion
Flue Gas Analyzer: This device is used to analyze the composition of flue gas from boilers, engines and gas turbines, and to identify whether these elements operate at their optimum point.



Thermohygrometer: This device measures the temperature and humidity in the environment.



Multimetro testo para medir temperatura, humedad y nivel de CO2
Multimeter: The multimeter measures temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the environment.



manometro digital
Pressure Gauge: This device measures the pressure in pipes that transport fluids.


Flowmeter: The flowmeter measures the fluid flow through a pipe. It can be s applied to both liquids and two-phase fluids.