Suspro provides energy efficiency services focused on energy audits, cogeneration, energy management services and tariff optimization. Because the industrial sector is very energy intensive, even small changes in energy prices can significantly affect operation costs. To prevent the rising cost of fuel to increase the cost of your products, it is very important to reduce your energy consumption by increasing the energy efficiency of the manufacturing processes and the equipment.

Energy Audits

The energy audit is a comprehensive method which aims to improve the energy efficiency for industries. The energy audit focuses on the production process, heat generation and cooling, and lighting. The energy audit also evaluates the use of innovative and efficient systems such as cogeneration / trigeneration and renewable energy. Read more

Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat to be used for an industrial process or for heating. Trigeneration also includes cooling production.

Our services cover the following aspects:

  • Study of energy demands and plant design
  • Technical and economic viability study of the plant and "district heating"
  • Analysis of CHP and trigeneration technologies
  • Analysis of emissions during the operation of the plant
Energy Management Services

An easy monitoring and control of energy consumption is the key to saving energy and money. The energy management system allows the client to detect anomalies in a facility’s energy consumption. The service identifies unnecessary consumption of energy, excessive consumption of reactive power, excess power at startup of equipment or excess energy consumption at peak hours, among others.

We offer advice in the design and implementation of Energy Management Systems.

Tariff Optimization

This service includes the optimization of parameters such as rate and power (for electricity and gas), and advice on the election of energy supplier.

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