Suspro provides consultancy and engineering services in the renewable energy fields: solar, wind, wave, tidal and biomass. In Suspro we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the global energy balance in the coming years. Renewable energy uses virtually inexhaustible resources and ensures sustainable growth. Suspro also provides energy efficiency services focused on energy audits, cogeneration, energy storage, energy management services and tariff optimization. Because the industrial sector is very energy intensive, even small changes in energy prices can significantly affect operation costs. To prevent the rising cost of fuel to increase the cost of your products, it is very important to reduce your energy consumption by increasing the energy efficiency of the manufacturing processes and the equipment.

Solar Energy

Suspro provides services for photovoltaic (grid-connected, isolated and building integrated), solar thermal for domestic hot water production, and concentrated solar power for electricity generation.

  • Study of the solar resource and project feasibility
  • Generation of solar irradiation data
  • Selection of technology and plant design
  • Energy yield assessment
  • Audits and energy optimization of operating plants

Wind Energy

  • Numerical site characterization, wind resource assessment and project feasibility study
  • Modelling and design optimization of wind farm
  • Site selection and energy yield assessment
  • Noise and flicker analysis

Wave & Tidal Energy

  • Numerical site characterization, wave and tidal resource assessment and environmental impact assessment
  • Modelling and wave and tidal farm layout design optimization
  • Energy yield assessment
  • Buoy data analysis
  • Extreme wave analysis
  • ADCP data processing and harmonic analysis

Biomass Energy

Suspro offers the following consulting and engineering services in the areas of combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, biogas and biofuels:

  • Analysis of the available biomass resource and feasibility study
  • Study of demand, energy production and conceptual design of the plant
  • Feasibility study and conceptual design of cogeneration facilities
  • Integration analysis of biomass with other renewable energy
  • Quantification of greenhouse gases emissions


Combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat to be used for an industrial process or for heating. Trigeneration also includes cooling applications. Suspro provides experience in such systems.

  • Study of energy demands and plant design
  • Technical and economic viability study of the plant and “district heating”
  • Analysis of CHP and trigeneration technologies
  • Analysis of emissions during the operation of the plant

Energy Storage

Suspro provides extensive experience in energy storage solutions for renewables and non-renewables alike.

  • Design of battery energy storage systems, mechanical (pumped hydroelectric, compressed air, flywheel) storage systems design and assessment
  • Technical study of demand side management and grid level balancing and power quality applications
  • Analysis of economic viability, life cycle costs and related regulator considerations

Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency

Green building design optimization to maximize daylight use and reduce associated heat gains and losses in tropical and cold climates. 

  • Detailed 3D modelling of industrial facilities including sensitivity analysis.
  • Design and contracting of sustainable housing and in urban environments with support from partner organizations.
  • Modular housing and factory made housing components and materials sourcing
  • Energy auditing from measurements and data analysis to recommendations and implementations
  • Energy certification and the reducing energy consumption associated with residential and services buildings

Smart Grids & IoT

Suspro provides support services in energy and condition monitoring and related wireless IoT networks

  • Wireless Communication Systems for IoT Applications
  • Smart IoT Sensors
  • Energy Management in Automated Frequency Control (AFC)
  • Demand Side and Distributed Energy & Resource Management (DERM)
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Advanced Distribution Management (ADMS) systems

Scientific Research

The Suspro team has extensive experience in scientific research with most consultants holding Ph.D. degrees and extensive research experience in the following areas:

  • Smart manufacturing & digital fabrication
  • Mechatronics and autonomous robotics
  • Electrical machines and related material sciences
  • Sustainable energy systems and related sensor systems