Suspro offers green building consultancy and engineering services to reduce the environmental impact associated to buildings. Currently buildings consume between 30 and 40% of the society's total energy consumption, are responsible for 33% of total green house gas emission, and they use a large amount of natural resources. Suspro offers a range of services in consulting, engineering and architecture focused on the reduction of the environmental impact caused by buildings.

Environmental Certifications

The environmental certifications (LEED, BREEAM, VERDE, etc.) aim to ensure that the building meets requirements for energy consumption and natural resources use, and at the same time provides a great comfort for building users.

The team of architects and engineers at Suspro conducts the process of environmental certification for your green building project.

Energy Certifications

The energy certification ensures that the energy consumption of the building meets legally mandated requirements. Suspro performs the energy certification of your project.

Technical Advise on Green Buildings

Suspro offers technical design guidance to reduce the environmental impact of your building and increase the comfort for users. Suspro conducts in-depth studies based on the particularities of each project. Some examples are:

Energy Audits

The energy audit is a comprehensive process that aims to increase the energy efficiency of the building. The energy savings achieved from an energy audit are based on:

  • Reduction of energy demand (e.g. improving the building envelope)
  • Improvement of equipment (e.g. lighting, AC, elevators)
  • On-site generation (e.g. integrated renewable energy, micro-CHP)

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