In today’s world, society needs energy solutions that increase sustainability, security of supply and control of energy costs. This can be achieved through an efficient use of resources and energy, the deployment of renewable energy and the enhancement of sustainable architecture. Aiming to contribute to sustainable development, Suspro provides comprehensive services in consultancy and engineering in different areas of sustainability. We put the quality of our work first and we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Services

Our main services focus on the areas of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Architecture, as well as Research in Sustainable Disruptive Technologies. In addition, our multidisciplinary team is equipped to respond to the challenges facing your project. For a full range of our services please refer to the Services section.

The Management Team

We have an extensive network of specialists in multiple disciplines whose skills can be deployed depending on the specific requirements of each project. We have the most advanced “know-how” in the field of sustainability; we use the most sophisticated tools in the industry; we are committed to innovative techniques and we are leaders in their use. The team of Suspro is highly international, such that we can offer our services without geographic limitations. This gives us a head start in providing a more personal service to our client. Our clients include public sector companies and private developers, individuals, government agencies and NGOs

Alberto Perez, Ph.D.

Renewable Energy & Grid Level Energy Systems Expert

Siraj Sabihuddin, Ph.D.

Electrical Machines, Mechatronics & Automation Systems Expert

Shona Partridge, MEng

Sustainability, Circular Economy and Green Technologies Expert

Our Branch Offices & Locations

You can connect with us at our various Suspro branch locations in the United Kingdom, Spain and Taiwan. You can also connect with our partner companies: Constructschon in Canada, Zegtec in United States, Solverlo and Artios Energy in United Kingdom.

Our Partners

Aiming to provide a multidisciplinary service covering the broadest spectrum of our clients’ requirements, Suspro has business partners in the field. Beyond our branches in United Kingdom, Spain and Taiwan we work closely with our partner consortia across Europe, North America and Asia.

Urban Construction & Development

Constructschön Sustainable Urban Development (o/a Construct Synergy Inc.) presents a new vision and fresh take on construction as we know it.  As a general contractor we are challenging construction and engineering to do better in creating urban and peri-urban built environments where affordability, energy efficiency, ageing-in-place, multi-generational living and high-density, mixed-use spaces are the status quo.  

Industrial Safety and Chemical Processes

Solverlo has built up extensive experience in the oil, gas and power fields. Our people are bright and creative individuals who are committed to providing professional advice which brings real benefits to the projects on which we are engaged.

Software & Data Management Systems

Zegtec Corp creates software technology solutions and products that support other businesses grow. Our ramp up processes are designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to design and scale their technical systems.

Renewable Energy and Storage Systems

Artios Energy provides connection feasibility studies,  electrical design and Grid Code compliance, connection applications and contract review, operational charges assessment, technical and financial due diligence, and bespoke services to fit your needs. Whether it is an onshore or offshore wind farm, a solar energy project, a battery storage site, or a small hydro scheme, we can assist with the electrical connection, and offer the appropriate solution at high quality, and competitive cost.

Join Us

Suspro is always looking for partners interested in developing a mutually beneficial relationship.  We welcome partnerships with any firms in the value chain:

  • Investors and energy project developers
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy technology suppliers
  • Utility companies and energy producers
  • Energy advisers and consultants
  • NGOs, government institutions and firms involved in development work
  • Research centres and universities

We seek to develop long-term partnerships aiming to achieve win-win situations.  Please contact us for further information.