The Scottish government has awarded planning consent to the Europe’s largest tidal array, located in the Pentland Firth, a strait located between the coast of the north of Scotland and the Orkney islands.

The tidal array will be developed by the business group Meygen. Meygen plans to deploy up to 400 tidal turbines at the Inner Sound Meygen, where water depths and current velocities are suitable for the deployment of tidal turbines at a commercial scale.

On the first phase of the project, 86MW of tidal turbines will be deployed. Meygen expects to install the tidal array in stages, starting with a 9MW demonstration project of up to six turbines. Meygen suggests that the site could eventually fit a total power capacity of 398MW. Read more

However, recent studies have revealed that these figures of power installed capacity in the Pentland Firth, in this case the Inner Sound, might be overestimated. In any case, the results and experiences from the first tidal array will definitely boost the tidal technology and reduce the uncertainties in the sector.


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Coming soon… Europe’s largest tidal array

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