The Real Decreto 56/2016, published in the BOE the 12th of February 2016, transposes the 2012/27/EU directive of the European Parliament and Counsel and aims to promote actions in energy intensive processes to increase energy savings and energy efficiency.
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The RD 56/2016 enforces the execution of an energy audit to those businesses with a number of employees equal or greater than 250, or with a turnover greater than 50 M€ and a balance sheet greater than 43M€.
All the businesses meeting these requirements will have performed the energy audit and delivered the corresponding documentation before the 15th of November 2016. According to the RD 56/2016, the businesses will undergo energy audits every 4 years after delivery of the first energy audit. The RD 56/2016 includes the following penalty regime:
– 60.000 €, if the energy audit is not performed
– 10.000 €, if the energy audit is not correctly performed
– 1.000 €, if documentation is not delivered
The energy audit must cover those facilities responsible of at least 85% of the total final energy consumption of the business and be performed according to the standard UNE-16247 on energy audits. Nevertheless, the energy saving actions identified in the energy audit are not legally binding.
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Using sophisticated measuring devices, Suspro takes a “snapshot” of the energy flow in the facility(ies). The information collected in-situ, complemented with the records of energy consumption of the facility(ies), enables Suspro to obtain a detailed breakdown of energy consumption and identify the most cost-effective energy efficiency actions.
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We have a wealth of experience in the performance of energy audits acquired during our more than 10 years working in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable architecture.
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Royal Decree 56/2016 of Energy Audits