Suspro provides consultancy and engineering services in renewable energy, energy efficiency and green buildings.

Renewable Energy

Suspro believes that renewable energy will play an important role in the global energy balance in the coming years as they ensure sustainable growth.
Suspro offers a variety of engineering and consulting services for renewable energy. Read more

  •  Photovoltaic, solar thermal and concentrated solar power
  • Wind energy onshore and offshore
  • Wave and tidal
  • Biomass combustion / gasification / pyrolysis / biogas
  • Small hydro power
Energy Efficiency

Energy cost is a key component of your business competitiveness. Suspro reduces the energy consumption of your business by increasing the energy efficiency of your building, equipment and manufacturing processes. Read more

  • Energy audits
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Combined heat and power / Trigeneration
  • Energy management services
  • Optimization of electric and gas tariffs


Green Buildings

Today buildings consume between 30 and 40% of total world energy consumption. Suspro offers a range of services in consulting, engineering and architecture focused on the reduction of the environmental impact caused by buildings. Read more

  • Environmental certifications
  • Energy certifications
  • Studies to optimize energy consumption and comfort
  • Energy audits
  • Technical advice on sustainable construction